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I have contacted several replica watches repairers but none of them seem to be able to repair my replica watches. One has quoted over $40 to supply and fit a new winder but it will not be a crown! So the replica watches would not look authentic. I am not sure what if anything can be done. I know you stated in your last email you would be willing to give me a big discount on a further purchase of replica watches, as you will remember I bought the replica watches as a present. This present is still not being passed to its new owner due to the problems with it, could you advise me on what kind of big discount you are willing to give me and how I can claim that discount when making another replica watches sale purchase, as it seems that I do not have any other choice, than to try and buy other replica watches which I hope you will guarantee will arrive on time and be in perfect working order.

It is with disappointment that I write this email, because I feel you have not fulfilled your promises and I am left with no alternative to ask if I could return the replica watches I purchased and ask for a complete refund, the reason why I ask for this is I feel you have not helped in solving my disappointment with the replica watches sale I ordered and paid for, you offered compensation but never forwarded the way. I could claim this is called big discount, there are many companies on the internet offering the same replica watches as yourselves and they also offer a after sales service you advertise. This also but in my case I feel you have not fulfilled this promise. I would appreciate it if you would reply to this email within seven days so this replica watches sale issue can be resolved. Please note as you will see from the emails attached this replica watches sale dispute has been running for several months and this evidence will enforce my consumer rights which are enforced under statutory law. I understand about the delivery charge, its not a problem, you may want to update your website. When were my replica watches dispatched as I ordered them last Wednesday 13th Dec. Why has it taken five days to process this replica watches order? I prey to god that this is not a scam as I do not want to report you to the English Police for fraud and I will do if you take my money from my bank and I do not receive my replica watches. If I really am going to receive my replica watches then my apologies to you. Why on your website does it say rpunpaid? You have my money so how can it be unpaid? Where are my replica watches? I think I have been reasonable but I feel your taking the piss now.